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Welcome to one of the oldest restaurants in gävle!

With over 35 years of experience we offer delicious food and drinks
in a delightful environment.

Do you have any allergies?
Ask the staff and we will help you.

You are very welcome to have a seat in our cozy outdoor seating in the courtyard.

We also offer catering and have access to an event
​​​​​​​room suitable for both big and small companies.
Ask us for more information.



Grilled garlic bread with tzatziki. 49:-

Nacho chips with salsa & garlic dip. 49:-

Mozzarella sticks with salsa & garlic dip. 75:-

Toast with our homemade shrimp mayonnaise. 95:-

Tennstopets mixed plate; mozzarella sticks, garlic bread, nacho chips, olives,
marinated feta cheese, delicacy sausage, greens & dips (suitable for 2-3 persons). 199:-

Main Courses

Creamy penne pasta with chicken fillet, garlic, herbs & parmesan cheese. 142:-

Pork fillet pasta with bacon, peppers, sweet chili cream & parmesan cheese. 142:-

Smoked salmon with pressed potato & caviar sauce. Served on a bed of greens. 225:-

Mozzarella stuffed chicken fillet with sweet chili cream, sautéed vegetables & potato wedges. 169:-

Tennstopets bacon burger with cheese, truffle mayonnaise, our famous homemade dressing & pickles.
Served with fries. 175:-

Tennstopet Black & White; owed cooked pork under a sheet of red wine reduction &
béarnaise sauce. Served with potato wedges. 175:-

Rib eye steak with chimichurri oil, Café de Paris butter, sautéed vegetables & sweet potato fries. 225:-


Cheeseburger with fries. 120:-

Mixed Grill; hamburger, sausage, bacon, greens & our famous homemade dressing.
Served with fries. 125:-

Hawaii Grill; hamburger, pineapple, cheese, greens & our famous homemade dressing.
Served with fries. 125:-

Pork noisette with fries, greens & béarnaise sauce. 130:-


Caesar salad with chicken fillet, crispy bacon, parmesan cheese & croutons. 142:-

Smoked salmon salad with caviar sauce. 155:-

Shrimp salad. 135:-

Greek salad with tzatziki. 122:-

Cheese & ham salad. 122:-

Tuna salad. 122:-

Chicken salad. 122:-

Mixed salad - chicken, tuna, shrimp, ham & cheese. 130:-


Breaded veggie burger with garlic cream & fries. 125:-

Creamy penne pasta with feta cheese, peppers, olives & garlic. 139:-

Mozzarella filled Quorn fillet with sweet chili cream, sautéed vegetables & potato wedges. 152:-

KIDS MENU (for kids who are UNDER 13 YEARS OLD)

Pancakes with jam & whipped cream. 50:-

Hamburger with fries. 50:-

Pork noisette with fries & béarnaise sauce. 65:-


Homemade chocolate truffle. 25:-

Vanilla ice cream with meringue, banana & whipped cream.
Topped with chocolate sauce & a crispy wafer roll. 75:-

White Chocolate Cheesecake. Served in a glass with a homemade Strawberry and Rhubarb mixture.
Topped with Cookie Crumbs. 75:-

Sorbet served with fresh fruits. 75:-


Coke 25:-

Fanta 25:-

Sprite 25:-

Low-alcohol Beer 27:-

Mineral Water 25:-

Trocadero 25:-

Juice 27:-

Non-alcoholic Beer, Easy Rider IPA 33cl 42:- Mariestads 33cl 42:-

Non-alcoholic wine, Glass 42:- Bottle 160:-

Coffee 25:-

Tea 23:-

Espresso 30:-

Cappuccino 35:-

Café Latte 37:-


Melleruds Organic Draft Beer 50cl 75:-

Mariestads 50cl 72:-

Tuborg Gold 50cl 72:-

Heineken 33cl 60:-

Starobrno 33cl 60:-

Carlsberg Hof 33cl 56:-

NewCastle 33cl 65:-

Sleepy Bulldog pale ale 33 cl 79:-

Brutal Bulldog double IPA 33cl 79:-

Sitting Bulldog IPA 33cl 74:-

A Ship Full of Ipa 33cl 65:-

Innis & Gunn 33cl 68:-

Great White IPA 33cl 74:-

Corona Extra 35,5cl 69:-

Sol 33cl 62:-

Union Jack 33cl 74:-

Mikkeler (Gluten free) 33cl 72:-

Staropramen dark 33cl 68:-

Krušovice 33cl 68:-

Brooklyn Lager 35,5cl 74:-

"Tack & Bock!" 33cl from GefleBocken Brewery 69:-



Briska Pear 33cl 62:-

Briska Currant/ Raspberry 33cl 62:-

Briska Apple cider with taste of Pineapple 33cl 62:-


White, Red & Rosé
1/1 288:-
½ 169:-
Glass 72:-

Corte delle calli
1/1 288:- Glass 85:-

Red wine

(bottles only)

Barefoot Zinfandel 295:-
Zinfandel, United States

Luccarelli Rosso Del Salento 298:-
Sangiovese, malvasia Nera & aglianico, Italy

L´Ermitage Cuvée Tradition Rouge 309:-
Syrah, Mourvèdre, Grenache, France

Torre Del Falasco Valpolicella
Ripasso DOC 349:-
Corvina, Rondinella, Italy

Cono Sur 369:-
Pinot Noir, Chile


(bottles only)

Cour de pocé 295:-
Sauvignon Blanc, France

Boshendal Jean Garde 319:-
Chardonnay, South Africa

Peter lehmann Riesling 349:-
Riesling, Australia

Drinks before dinner

(Absolut citron, Cointreau, Cranberry)

Dry Martini
(Dry Vermouth Gin)

Long drinks 4cl/6cl

50/50 96:-/136:-
Bacardi razz, Sambuca, Lemon juice, Sprite

Today´s Apple 96:-/136:-
Martini Bianco, Sourz Apple, Lime, Sprite

Lynchburg Lemonade 96:-/136:-
Jack Daniels, Cointreau, Lemon juice, Sprite

Gin & Tonic 96:-/136:-
Gin, Tonic water, Ice, Lime or Lemon slice

Coffee drinks 4cl/6cl

Coffee Stopet (only 6 cl) 136:-
Xanté, Baileys, Kahlua, Coffee, whipped Cream

Irish Coffee 96:-/136:-
Jameson, Brown sugar, Coffee, whipped Cream

Coffee Karlsson 96:-/136:-
Baileys, Cointreau, Coffee, whipped Cream

After Eight Coffee 96:-/136:-
Mint & cocoa liqueur, Coffee, Whipped Cream

Ask the staff for an after-dinner drink and we will help you.