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Welcome to one of Gävle’s most renowned

With over 45 years of experience, we offer delicious foods and drinks in a friendly environment.
You are welcome to have a seat in our cozy courtyard!
We also offer catering and have access to an event room for both big and small companies. Ask us for more information.

Grilled garlic bread with herbs and tzatziki 55 sek

Crisps with parmesan cheese and garlic aioli 55 sek

Mozzarella sticks with garlic aioli and BBQ dip 75 sek

Toast with our homemade shrimp mayonnaise 95 sek

Tennstopets mixed plate; mozzarella sticks, garlic bread, crisps, olives, delicacy cheese, delicacy sausage, greens and dips (suitable for 2-3 persons) 200 sek

Shrimp pasta with greens, lobster and white wine sauce, dill and lemon 155 sek

Pork fillet pasta with bacon, peppers, sweet chili cream and parmesan cheese 145 sek

Tennstopets homemade burger with bacon, cheese, garlic aioli, our famous homemade dressing and pickles. Served with french fries 175 sek

Tennstopets black & white; full pork fillet under a sheet of red wine reduction and béarnaise sauce. Served with potato wedges 175 sek

Swedish chicken fillet with red wine reduction, garlic aioli, sautéed vegetables and sweet potato fries 175 sek

Rib eye steak with chimichurri oil, béarnaise sauce, sautéed vegetables and french fries 235 sek

Smoked salmon with pressed potato and caviar sauce. Served on a bed of greens 235 sek

Cheeseburger with french fries 135 sek

Mixed Grill; Hamburger, sausage, bacon, greens and our famous homemade dressing. Served with french fries 135 sek

Hawaii Grill; Hamburger, pineapple, cheese, greens and our famous homemade dressing. Served with french fries 135 sek
Pork noisette with french fries, greens and béarnaise sauce 135 sek

Caesar salad with chicken fillet, bacon, parmesan cheese and croutons 145 sek
Shrimp salad 145 sek
Greek salad with tzatziki 130 sek
Cheese and ham salad 130 sek
Chicken salad 130 sek
Mixed salad (chicken, shrimps, cheese and ham) 130 sek
Smoked salmon salad with caviar sauce 155 sek


Veggie burger with cheese, garlic aioli, pickles, our famous homemade dressing and french fries 155 sek
Penne pasta with sweet chili créme, feta cheese, peppers and olives 145 sek
Quorn fillet with chimichurri-oil, garlic aioli, sautéed vegetables and sweet potato fries 160 sek

(13 years old and under)
Pancakes with jam and whipped cream 50 sek
Hamburger with french fries 50 sek
Sausage with french fries 50 sek
Pork noisette with french fries and béarnaise sauce 65 sek
Vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce or caramel sauce 30 sek


Homemade chocolate truffle 25 sek
Frozen white chocolate cheesecake. Served in a glass with this season´s fruit and berries as a homemade compote. Topped with cookie crumbs 75 sek
Meringue suisse: Vanilla ice cream with meringue, banana slices and whipped cream. Topped with chocolate sauce and a crispy wafer roll 75 sek
Sorbet served with fresh fruits 75 sek

Coke 30 sek

Coke Zero 30 sek

Fanta 30 sek

Sprite 30 sek

Mineral Water 30 sek

Trocadero 30 sek

Juice 30 sek

Low-alcohol beer 30 sek

Easy Rider IPA non-alcoholic beer 33cl 45 sek

Mariestads non-alcohol beer 33cl 45 sek

Non-alcoholic wine, Glass 45 sek, Bottle 180 sek

Non-alcoholic cider 45 sek
Coffee 25 sek

Tea 20 sek

Espresso 30 sek

Double espresso 40 sek

Café late 40 sek

Cappuccino 40 sek


Briska Elderflower 33cl 65 sek

Briska rhubarb/ Strawberry 33cl 65 sek


Melleruds Organic Draft Beer 50cl 75 sek

Birra Moretti 66cl 95 sek

Mariestads 50cl 70 sek

Tuborg Gold 50cl 70 sek

Norrlands Gold 50cl 70 sek

Geflebockens Tack och Bock! 33cl 70 sek

Corona Extra 35,5cl 65 sek

Carlsberg Hof 33cl 55 sek

Heineken 33cl 65 sek

Krušovice 33cl 65 sek

Starobrno 33cl 65 sek

Brooklyn Lager 35,5cl 70 sek

Ginger Joe 33cl 65 sek

Halo (Pink sour beer) 33cl 65 sek

Sleepy Bulldog pale ale 33cl 70 sek

Hazy Bulldog APA 33cl 65 sek

Brutal Bulldog Double IPA 33cl 75 sek

Sitting Bulldog IPA 33cl 70 sek

A Ship Full of IPA 33cl 65 sek

Great White IPA 33cl 70 sek

Lagunitas IPA 35,5cl 65 sek

Newcastle 33cl 65 sek

Staropramen Dark 33cl 65 sek

Wisby Stout 33cl 65 sek

Daura (Gluten free) 33cl 70 sek
House wine - white, red & rosé
1/1 300 sek, ½ 150 sek, Glass 75 sek

1/1 340 sek, Glass 85 sek

(bottles only)

Barefoot Zinfandel 310 sek
Zinfandel, United States

Cantina Zaccagnini Dal Tralcetto 310 sek
Montepulciano, Italy

Luccarelli Rosso Del Salento 315:-
Sangiovese, Malvasia Nera & Aglianico, Italy

Torre Del Falasco Valpolicella Ripasso DOC 350 sek
   Corvina, Rondinella, Italy


(bottles only)

Jacob´s Creek 310 sek
Organic Chardonnay, Australia

Les Calcaires 310 sek
Sauvignon Blanc, France

La Vue 320 sek
Riesling, Australia

 4cl/ 6cl – 96 sek/ 144 sek

Absolut citron, Cointreau, Lime, Cranberry juice

Amaretto sour
Amaretto, Lemon juice, Syrup, Ice

Sourz apple, Vanilla vodka, Lime, Sprite, Ice

Gin and Tonic
Gin, Tonic water, Lemon slice, Ice

Aperol Spritz
Aperol, Prosecco, Soda water, Orange slice, Ice

4cl/ 6cl – 96 sek/ 144 sek

Swedish Coffee
MACK by Mackmyra, Brown sugar, Coffee, Cream

Irish Coffee
Jameson, Brown sugar, Coffee, Cream

Coffee Karlsson
Baileys, Cointreu, Coffee, Cream

Espresso Martini (only 6cl)
Espresso, Vodka, Kahlua