bordsbokning, catering eller  matbeställning: 026-103970           
gAMLA kATOLSKA kYRKAN (FESTLOKAL): 073-9689399 EL 070-3288513

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to one of the oldest restaurants in Gävle!
With over 50 years of experience, we offer delicious foods and drinks in a friendly environment.
During summertime you are welcome to have a seat in our cozy courtyard!
We also offer catering and have access to an event room for both big and small companies (The old Catholic church).
 Ask us for more information.
Any allergies?
Ask our staff and we will help you.


Garlic bread with aioli 65 sek

Crisps with grana padano and garlic mayonnaise 59 sek

Parmesan-fries with aioli 59 sek

Parmesan-sweet potato fries with aioli 59 sek

Olives 39 sek

Shrimp mayonnaise on toast 139 sek

Mini-caesarsalad with bacon, grana padano and croutons 75 sek

Burrata with tomatoes, balsamic and chimichurri 135 sek


Pasta with pork, bacon, peppers, sweet chili cream and parmesan cheese 165 sek

Quorn fillet with chimichurri-oil, arugula crème, sautéed vegetables and sweet potato fries 175 sek
Fish & chips; fried fish (MSC-certified), french fries, remoulade sauce, mashed peas and shrimp mayonnaise 195 sek

Smoked salmon with mashed potatoes, caviar sauce and greens 315 sek

Swedish chicken fillet with red wine reduction, arugula crème, sautéed vegetables and sweet potato fries 185 sek

Homemade burger with bacon or fried green burger. Served with cheddar cheese, garlic mayonnaise, pickled red onions, french fries and our famous homemade dressing 175 sek / 189 sek

Black & white; pork fillet served with red wine reduction, béarnaise sauce and French fries 185 sek

Rib eye steak with sautéed vegetables, béarnaise sauce and french fries 299 sek
(for our dear regulars!)

Cheeseburger with french fries 155 sek (Double 180 sek)

Mixed Grill; Hamburger, sausage, bacon, greens and our famous homemade dressing. Served with french fries 155 sek

Hawaii Grill; Hamburger, pineapple, cheese, greens and our famous homemade dressing. Served with french fries 155 sek
Pork noisette with french fries, béarnaise sauce and greens 155 sek
Caesar salad:
 Choose between chicken / Shripms / quorn pieces.
Served with parmesan cheese, croutons, bacon and our homemade Caesar dressing.  159 sek / 175 sek / 159 sek

Shrimp salad 175 sek
Chicken salad 155 sek
Cheese and ham salad 155 sek
Greek salad with tzatziki 155 sek
Mixed salad (chicken, shrimps, cheese and ham) 155 sek
(13 years old and under)
Pancakes with jam and ice cream 75 sek
Hamburger with french fries 75 sek
Sausage with french fries 75 sek
Vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce or caramel sauce 45 sek


Chocolate brownie with whipped cream 79 sek

Meringue suisse; vanillaice cream with meringue, banan slices, whipped chream and chocolate sauce 95 sek

Passionfruit sorbet with fresh fruit 79 sek